BE BETA (Full Teaser)

Be Beta is born, as forum with an international personality, whose objective is to promote innovation through connectivity and collaboration born of inspiration in fashion, gastronomy, in an urban and technological environment, allowing the interaction of participants with the guests of the event and their presentations. Be beta borrows the term from the world of developers and testers in software and hardware to define an attitude and an action: DEVELOP. That is why we have three proposals: connectivity, collaboration and innovation. Three keys to be part of a coming community: #head-hackers Those who are capable of anticipating changes, those who have opened a universe before their eyes and who have the ability to transfer messages from one mind to another lastingly. Our network of contacts and collaborators allows us to invite professionals and artists such as: Okuda, Ana Locking, Arzak, Kinamica and one of the most influential personalities in hairdressing: Simon Ellis, vice president and artistic director at Henkel. A unique event of six hours. An immersion in the world that inspires and helps create X-presion, summoning professionals from different disciplines that inspire them in each of their creations and collections. Developing an ad-hoc performance that visually induces and helps imbue in a high performance visual and creative space. Presenting different creative challenges together with the collaborators of each space, who will intervene with a small introduction of their expertise and vision to carry out a work with which to interact to face the proposed challenge.

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